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Arietha Lockhart

Arietha Lockhart, was the voice of the White Butterfly during the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  She is a long-time Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus member and was selected as soloist numerous times by the late Robert Shaw. She champions works by contemporary American composers in recitals and concerts. Arietha has a Bachelor and Master of Science, and Education Specialist Degree, in Music Education. She holds the Georgia Professional Education Certificate – Retired. She has completed Level I, II, and III in Orff Schulwerk. She had a 30-year career as an Elementary Music Specialist Pre-K-7 and served on leadership committees developing Professional Development for Music Teachers. She seeks to serve schools as an outside ear and eye for the progress of their programs and for judging student auditions. Her philosophy is:  Singing music brings joy and knowledge and can open up avenues for dialog and mutual understanding.

Social Media: Facebook – Arietha Sings, Facebook – Music Education Consultant, Twitter, LinkedIn, ARTSventure Performance

Arts Disciplines: Music Performance, Coaching Music, Music Creativity

Core Content Curriculum Areas: Music

Specialized Content Areas: Character Education, “Vocal Auditions Prep ( All-State, Governor’s Honors, LGPE)

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Adult Teachers

Special Populations: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students

Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Post-Secondary/Pre-Service Learning, Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia

Program Types:
School-based Assembly Program, School-based Residency Program

Community-based Assembly Program

Online Content for School Use, Hybrid Online and In-Person Content for Schools

Program Fees:

  • School/Day Programs (grades K-5):  Fees begin at $400; Audience size negotiable
  • Lecture Recital/Workshop/Master Class (grades 6-12): Fees begin at $250
  • 1-day Residency (grades K-5)/Solo Recitals (grades 6-12): Fees begin at $500/plus accompanists’ fee
  • Concerts with Orchestra (grades 6-12 up to adult audiences):  Fees begin at $1,000 (plus travel)
  • Access to Online content: $500
  • Hybrid Online and In-Person Content: $1,000

Artistic Profile:

Arietha Lockhart, Soprano was the voice of the White Butterfly during the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. She is a 32- year member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Choruses and was selected to be soloist numerous times by the late Robert Shaw, Yoel Levi and Norman Mackenzie. She frequently performs works by contemporary American Composers as well as music of the Masters in recitals and concerts. Recent performances include works by Handel, Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Her roles include Zerbinetta (Ariadne), Queen of the Night (Magic Flute) and Mama King in the contemporary opera “I Dream” about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by composer, Douglas Tappin.

Her prizes and honors include: Aspen Music Festival fellowship. 2nd place in the first Competition sponsored by Classical Singer Magazine, The National Opera Association Competition’s Legacy Award, 2nd place in The Center for Contemporary Opera International, the American Prize in Voice Women’s Opera Division, Super Finalist, American Opera Idol Competition, 3rd place in the Oratorio Society of New York competition, and winner of the Meistersinger Competition in Graz, Austria.

Philosophy: Singing music brings joy and self-knowledge. It can open up avenues for dialog and mutual understanding.

Teaching Experience:

Arietha Lockhart, Soprano has the Bachelor and Master of Science in Music Education Degrees from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She also has the Education Specialist Degree in Music Education from University of Georgia with certificates in Educational Leadership and Gifted Endorsements. She holds the T-7 Georgia Professional Education Certificate. She has Level I, II and III Orff Schulwerk Training has been a clinician for the Atlanta Area Orff Schulwerk Training Workshops for Teachers. She had a 30-year career as an Elementary Music Specialist PK-7 and was Elementary Honor Chorus Chair, Developed Rehearsal Recordings for Honor Chorus, served as a Region Chair Leader Teacher and was a team member for developing Professional Development for Music Teachers, Textbook Selection and Curriculum Development for the DeKalb Public School District. Her program “It’s all about Character” was performed for K – 5 grade students at Spivey Hall Education’s Young People’s Concerts. She shares music weekly with Seniors in assisted living by singing with them, for them and getting them in on the act of singing and playing small percussion instruments. She is sought after by schools to be an outside ear and eye for the progress of their programs and for judging auditions.

Philosophy: Music is a unifying agent for all learning. Music is a basic part of an excellent education. Music should be an integral part of every child’s life. Music is a subject worthy of study for its own intrinsic value but it also lends itself to facilitating learning in other subject areas.

I believe that every child can create music using the skills, talents and resources they have at hand in their everyday lives at school and at home. I am a proponent of an Arts-infused school experience for all kids. I say STEAM rather than STEM

Sample Programs:

  • It’s All About Character for Grades K-8
    • Time: 45 minutes
    • For 300- 400 students.
    • Performance Space: Multipurpose Space, Auditorium, or Cafetorium with stage preferred.
    • Role Plays (Audience Participation)
    • Q & A What is Good Character?
    • Why is Character Important?
    • Character Song Sing-a-long
    • Learn a Brand New Song
  • Master Class on Auditioning/The Next Steps 
    • For Grades 6-12  Solo or Ensembles
    • For soloists or ensembles from 4 to 100.
    • Chorus Classroom or Auditorium with Stage and Choral Risers.
    • Mock Auditions:  Individual Students or Ensembles or Large Groups perform for comments
    • Discussion: What are Judges looking for in a performance?
    • How do you prepare for sight reading?
    • What is needed to gain polish and professionalism?
    • Discussion of Mock Audition Results and how can improvements be made?
    • Individual Soloists will sing a selection for comments. The feedback will be used to make changes in their presentation. They will incorporate the comments in a repeat performance of their selection.
  • Residency: Engineering Music-Makers
    • For Grades K-5.  Day to multi-week residency. For small classes from 15-30 students. Lessons will focus on how various sound sources can be utilized to create music. Option 1: Students will use Math and Science skills to create an original musical piece. Option 2: Students will learn about the various families of instruments and will use recycled materials to create a new music instrument.

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

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