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I have been a teaching artist for 13 years. I was a theatre major at Belhaven University, and then I was a full-time global entertainer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, for 5 years, where I was trained in movement and puppetry. I developed a love for entertaining children and transferred my skill set to educational theatre here in GA. I worked for Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre for ten years, where I was trained in classroom and facilitation techniques for children and adults, stress management, SEL, and trauma-informed care. I have been a teaching artist with other organizations: The Alliance Theatre, Creative Kids, Camp Magic, Georgia Ensemble, Fab Arts, and the Fulton County Juvenile Court System.

Teaching Qualifications
With a decade of experience as a drama teacher and acting coach across grades K-12, my expertise extends to trauma-informed care for at-risk youth, mental and physical wellness, social-emotional learning (SEL), healthy eating and active living, and stress management. I prioritize engagement, aiming to open the hearts and minds of each student by embracing the transformative power of storytelling.

My educational approach involves using the arts as a bridge between students and the curriculum, cultivating a deeper connection to the material. Through years of teaching, I’ve refined techniques that encourage active participation and understanding, fostering an environment where students flourish in expressing themselves through the dramatic arts. 

Program Experience
I have an extensive background in delivering teaching artist programs, including workshops, assembly programs, and residencies. My experience encompasses over 50 schools and libraries, where I’ve conducted touring and residency programs. Notably, I developed a specialized two-person soft skills residency workshop tailored for pre-K students. My facilitation extends across various settings, including assemblies, classrooms, and one-on-one environments. I am currently engaged in residencies with the East Atlanta Kids Club, Continental Colony ES, Gideon ES, and International Community School. Additionally, I performed at 17 summer school programs in Columbus, GA. Throughout my career, I’ve toured educational theatre to hundreds of young audiences, employing the tools of drama, puppetry, and music to enhance the educational experience.

Booking Process:

Bookings accepted through email or the online booking form at:


  •  After receiving the booking form, a 24-hour confirmation window is observed.
  • Contract and Invoice: Upon confirmation, a contract and invoice are sent to the primary contact.
  • Final Details: One week before the scheduled performance, I will reach out to the primary contact to discuss and confirm all final details for a seamless experience.

Web presence:
Instagram: Jimez Alexander
Instagram: Parables In Motion

Sample Programs:

Me 2 Z Devise 

  • 45 minute Workshop 
  • Theatre, Creative writing 
  • Grades: 4th-6th 
  • Single monologues: 1 Hour (30 Student Max) 
  • Semester residencies 13 sessions 

Description: An engaging and interactive project- based workshop that teaches ensemble building, critical thinking skills, and creativity. Students will use their voices to collectively tell a story of their own creation. Channeled through introspection, empathy, and community themes. We study the tools of an actor: Imagination, Body and Voice. 

GA Standards:

  • ELAGSE4W3: write narratives to develop real or imagined, experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.
  • ELAGSE4SL1: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grade 4 topics and texts, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly.
  • ELAGSE5SL2: Summarize a written text read aloud or information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.

Georgia core standards: 

  • ELAGSE6W3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences. 

Theatre Fine Arts: 

  • TA4,CR.1: Organize, design, and refine theatrical work
  • TA4.CR.2: Develop scripts through theatrical techniques
  • TA4.PR1: Act by communicating and sustaining roles in formal and informal environments TA4.RE.1: Engage actively and appropriately as an audience member
  • TA4.RE2: Critique various aspects of theater and other media
  • TA4.CN.1 Explore how theatre connects to life experience
  • TA5.Cr.1a Use imagination to create a character with specific physical, vocal, and emotional traits
  • TA5.CR.1.e make artistic choices and betraying character, thoughts and emotions TA5.CN.1.a: analyze how theater experiences reflect and connect with life and other continent areas
  • TA6.CR.2 Develop Scripts through theatrical techniques
  • TA6.PR.2 execute, artistic, and technical elements of theater
  • TA6.RE.1.b analyze the relationship between an audience and a performer TA6.CN.1: explore how theater connects to life experience careers in other content

Technical Requirements. 10×10 performance space, Indoors Only 

Residency Description

Mezzy Mezz Show:

  • 30 minute Performance and 30 minute Workshop 
  • Puppetry, Drama, and Music 
  • Grades: PreK-1st (60 student Max) 
  • 30 Minute Performance 
  • 30 Minute Workshop (optional) 

Description: In the whimsical Mezzy Mezz Show, join Mezzy Mezz, a delightful friend from a distant land, on his adventures of constant learning and navigating new situations. This particular show explores the concept of patience, as Mezzy Mezz, eager to make friends, discovers that waiting for his turn can be a challenging but essential part of the journey. Together with friends, Mezzy Mezz learns the profound meaning of patience and why waiting one’s turn is important.

GA Standards: 


  • HEHS.7.cModel behaviors to avoid or reduce health risks to self and/or others., 


  • ELAGSE1SL1 Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade 1 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups. 

Theatre Fine Arts: 

  • TA1.CR.1 Organize, design, and refine theatrical work.
    • Listen to others with respect and courtesy in an ensemble.
  • TA1.PR.1Act by communicating and sustaining roles in formal and informal environments. TA1.PR.2 Execute artistic and technical elements of theatre.
  • TA1.RE.1 Engage actively and appropriately as an audience member.
  • TA1.RE.2.aDescribe what is seen, felt, and heard in a theatre or performance experience.
  • TA1.RE.2.bAsk questions about what is seen, felt, and heard in a theatre orperformance experience. 

Technical Requirements: 10×10 performance space, power outlet. Indoors only

Mezzy Mezz Lesson Plan

The Actors Lunch Break: 

  • 1 hour workshop
  • Grades 1st-4th (maximum 100 students per sessions)
  • Drama, Improv, Teamwork

Description: Acting workshop and interactive game show with an emphasis on storytelling, healthy eating and active living 

GA Standards: 


  • Workshop aligns with this standard by fostering creativity and a healthy lifestyle through interactive theatre experiences.
  • Related Activities: Imagination-building, emotional expression, and exploring the connection between theatre and life experiences. 


  • Related Activities: Opening exercises with “What’s Your Name” song, sharing thoughts on acting, and engaging in discussions about emotions and healthy living.
  • Participate in Collaborative Conversations: The workshop promotes collaborative conversations with diverse partners about various topics and texts. 

Theatre Fine Arts: 

  • TAK.CR.1:
    • Creating Theatrical Works: The workshop actively engages students in organizing, designing, and refining theatrical elements.
    • Related Activities: Collaborative story-building, vocal and emotional exploration, and group activities emphasizing theatrical skills. 
  • TAK.PR.1:
    • Acting and Communication: Participants are encouraged to act by communicating and sustaining roles in both formal and informal environments.
    • Related Activities: Defining acting, embodying characters through imagination, body, and voice, and interactive games promoting role-playing. 

Technical Requirement: Power outlet,10×10 performance space, Indoors only

Workshop Outline

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