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In 1961-1962, the eyes of the nation were focused on Albany as the century-long struggle of African Americans in southwest Georgia to claim their civil and human rights came to a head. Assisted by nationally renowned activists from SNCC, SCLC, CORE and the NAACP, the people of Albany took a stand, determined to fight segregation through nonviolence. With this concert, we remember the courage of those leaders and celebrate how far we have advanced in a show of unity as today’s society faces new challenges. Bringing together children from middle school to high school to work together for a common purpose broadens their horizons and reinforces a sense of community and purpose. This group of talented children unites people of different races and socio-economic statuses through their music at the concert. Our community can always use a reminder that we work better together than apart, and these children help us to remember that. We have already begun planning the 2019 concert to include the Albany Symphony.