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The Wren's Nest - Atlanta

By preserving the heritage of African American folklore through storytelling, tours, and student publishing and preserving the legacy of Joel Chandler Harris, the Wren’s Nest serves as a valued educational and cultural resource. The 2017 strategic plan calls for increased programming and community engagement, specifically through the lens of storytelling. With a new interpretation of storytelling via multiple artistic mediums (ie writing, cinema, song/music, storytelling, etc.), The Wren’s Nest is now prepared to fully embrace a well-rounded definition of storytelling, while maintaining the historical legacy of Joel Chandler Harris and The Wren’s Nest. GCA’s grant will assist through support of artistic personnel: storytellers, musicians, performers, etc., and in technological upgrades to online platforms, needed to produce curated, virtual tours and app-based museum interactives for students. Support of artistic personnel assists with both on-site and outreach educational programming and community events. Support for technology increases access to researched educational content through reinterpreted tours for people physically restricted from visiting TWN due to accessibility (distance or ability).