Sekou Laidlow

Sekou Laidlow

I have over 28 years of acting experience, conservatory training at The Juilliard School of Drama, and experience teaching theater, on-camera acting, and private coaching. I developed and implemented a 3- tiered curriculum for on-camera acting at Studio 27’s Acting Program. It allowed me to fuse the best of what I learned from my conservatory training with my on-camera training and experience in film and TV. My philosophy is based on the idea that the teacher-student relationship is collaborative and co-creational. The teacher functions as a facilitator of growth and discovery, creating space for emerging ideas, critical input, and bold choices free of judgment. My approach includes providing a safe space that encourages risk-taking and room to always “play.” In my experience as a teacher, these principles are critical to how one flourishes as a professional who seeks ongoing evolution. Also critical to my work is allowing the student to engage their unique abilities, skills, personality, and instinct as part of the training. As a result, I have witnessed a sense of alive-ness and curiosity on the part of the student. It is at this growing edge I have seen students gain agency and a sense of ownership as they witness the significance of their contribution.

Arts Disciplines: Theatre/Drama

Core Content Curriculum Areas:  Theatre/Drama

Specialized Content Areas: STEAM

Grade Levels:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Special Populations: Gifted Students

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia

Program Fees:

  • Artist fees – $3,000.00
  • Material fees – $750.00
  • Travel fees – $125

**Note: These fees are based on more than just the one lesson plan. This is for a 4-week rehearsal and performance process.

Artistic Profile:

I made my Broadway debut in Airline Highway, directed by two-time Tony Award Winner, Joe Montello.

I collaborated with fellow Juilliard alum and Director, Michael Urie, in the ensemble comedic web-series,

What’s Your Emergency, written by Ryan Spahn and Halley Feiffer. I originated the role of Homer in the Pulitzer and Kennedy prize-winning productions of Suzan Lori Parks’ Father Comes Home from the Wars, a co-production between the New York Public Theater and the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard University.

My most recent Broadway credit is Boys in the Band, also directed by Joe Montello. I recently played a recurring role as Walter Camp in the critically acclaimed series, The Breaks, on VH1. I appeared in the romantic comedy, Better Off Single, starring Aaron Tveit and Kal Pen. I guest-starred as Josiah Banner in the acclaimed CBS dramatic series, The Good Wife. I was supporting lead in The Mend, playing the role of Pierce, opposite Josh Lucas and Austin Pendleton.

Teaching Experience:

I see my artistry as an extension of my responsibility to my community and have a passion to use my craft to empower others to tell their stories. I served as the Artist in Residence for the Campaign for Black Male Achievements “Rumble Young Man Rumble” Convening in Louisville, KY, and the “Mountaintop Conference,” A Multi-Faith Movement for Justice in Atlanta, GA. I directed and produced shows for various groups, organizations, and ministries for age groups ranging from 7 to 70 years old. I taught acting at Studio 27 Talent, Generation Infocus, City College, the Marua Pula School in Botswana, Africa, Recife, Brazil, the Cunard Cruise, Germany, and more.

Sample Programs:

Lesson Plan 1 – Theater for Kids

LESSON 1: Title: Body & Imagination- Drama- 1st-6th grade- 15 students

Students will need play clothes- Teacher will need board and markers.

The purpose of the first class is for the kids to use their bodies and imagination.

  • Activity One: ‘Freeze’-Students will move and freeze at the same time. At the teacher’s signal, the entire class will begin moving. All movements will start out very slow. On the teacher’s signal, the students will freeze. The freeze and move orders will continue, and the speed will increase as the game progresses. The students can come close to people or objects, but they are not allowed to touch anything or anyone.
  • GOAL: For students to get used to being in the same space and sensitive to another’s presence without physical touch.
  • Activity Two: ‘BAHH’-Students will stand in a circle. One student will be designated to start. That student will turn to a person on either side of them, extend their hands to them and say ‘BAHH’. The student who receives the ‘BAHH’ can give it back to the person who gave it or to the person on the other side of them. There will be three or four rounds of this. The teacher will give them the pace. Optimum results are for them to go as fast as possible without getting confused about who is receiving the ‘BAHH’.
  • GOAL: To help students to listen and watch with a relaxed focus, so they learn how to be active listeners that are fluid with giving and receiving.

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

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