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Prime Vice Studios, LLC

The mission of Prime Vice Studios (PVS), LLC is to empower people to bring their creative ideas to life through storytelling. Being specialized in comic creation and creative writing, we fulfill this mission through collaborating and working with others in a fun and artistic way. We teach workshops on character design, comic creation and concept art development. In all of our workshops, sessions, classes and residencies we strive to empower others to create with confidence and an innovative mindset. We teach students to build from within and draw from their innate drive to promote originality. Our philosophy is based on nurturing the power of storytelling through writing and drawing. 

Prime Vice Studios draws its name to describe the inner drive that grips and compels you to create something new. Prime, as in primal, Vice, as in being in a griphold, and Studio, as in a space to create and explore. The PVS philosophy aims to inspire others to manifest their visions in a fun way by creating cartoons!

PVS is a team of creators that engages the local community at public forums such as libraries, comic shops, classroom students throughout the school year, and educators interested in professional development through workshops, in-class residencies and virtual collaborations.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Arts Disciplines: Visual Arts, Creative Writing

Core Content Curriculum Areas: Visual Art, English/Language Arts, Social Studies/History, Science, Mathematics, World Languages, Health

Specialized Content Areas: Arts Integration, STEAM, Literacy, History, Anti-bullying, Character Education

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Special Populations: Dyslexic Students, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Students, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students, LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex) students, Exceptional Learners (students with disabilities as well as those who are gifted and talented

Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

Geographic Availability: Available throughout statewide Georgia with the ability to travel beyond Metro Atlanta for an additional cost and/or housing.

Program Types:
School-based Classroom Workshop(s), School-based Afterschool Program, School-based Residency Program

Program Fees:

  • Workshops: 
  • $100-$150 for one-hour creator workshops in class plus travel expenses. *Higher pay range Includes supplies.
  • $450.00 a day for up to 4 one hour workshop sessions (includes supplies) plus travel expenses.
  • $1000.00 a week plus travel and lodging expenses.


  • $4000.00 for 20 hour residency.
  • $450.00 a day (including up to 4 one hour class sessions plus some supplies) plus travel expenses. Travel and lodging expenses additional.

* Costs may be negotiable with schools and community organizations.

Artistic Profile:
Prime Vice Studios has been providing creative services since 2017 launching from Atlanta and expanding internationally. PVS delivers joy-filled creative experiences that inspire people of all ages to be innovative creators. Our mission to empower others through owning their narratives is fulfilled through teaching, being a model of our own philosophy by publishing our own productions, and by working with compatible clients.  All PVS classes, workshops, and residencies aim to develop interesting stories with original characters that can be shared through graphic storytelling.

PVS utilizes the medium of sequential art (comic creation) to facilitate its workshops. Students learn how to combine words and pictures to tell stories that can be informative, entertaining and/ or educational. Our creator workshops have applications that are easily compatible with almost all subjects. Our curriculums can be scaled and modified to work with any school, educator or community need.

Teaching Experience:
Owner/Creative Director, Carlos Perez, has a M.F.A. in Sequential Art from SCAD. He also has a TEFL Certification. Carlos has been a teaching artist since 2006. He has taught visual arts, character design, comic creation, and concept art. He has worked as a substitute teacher for Atlanta Public Schools K-12, an English teacher in South Korea for students grade 3-11, and an art professor at Kennesaw State University. As a teaching artist and through PVS he has hosted various workshops at schools, community centers, libraries, comic book shops and in collaboration with non-profit organizations and special events, such as comic conventions.

Carlos teaches a broad range of students from Kindergarten through 12th grade as well as community members of all ages and backgrounds. He also has experience teaching special needs students, at-risk youth, and English as a Second/Foreign Language. He works with writer and co-founder Ananya Vahal. 

Writer/Co-Founder, Ananya Vahal, has a M.F.A in Writing from SCAD. She has a TEFL Certification and is a professor of English  at Kennesaw State University. Ananya co-created the PVS Fresh Voices Comic Creation Workbook and co-hosts workshops with Carlos.

They both engage the creative community and students in the classroom throughout the school year with their Fresh Voices Comic Creation Workshops which includes designing original characters, writing and drawing comics and world building for concept art.

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