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Maureen Monaghan

As an animator, I am fundamentally a storyteller, a collector of observations and experiences. I choose color palettes, style, and materials according to the story I want to tell. While the look of every project may vary, my process begins with the desire to share a feeling and that prompts one decision after another, until a complete package of aesthetics and narrative has been curated into a story that others can enjoy.

Teaching Qualifications:
As a stop motion animation instructor, I strive to make the process of animating accessible by dissecting it into smaller segments. While I believe it is important for students to feel adequately challenged, I believe it is perhaps more important to feel nurtured to succeed. Learning to animate can be daunting. It’s an expansive art form with a genre specific pipeline. By teaching the animation pipeline in segments, students are less likely to be overwhelmed and better able to grasp the individual skillsets required for each segment. For example, if the goal of the class is to make a short film, having students write, design, storyboard, fabricate, and animate would be an overwhelming amount of work. However, by presenting them with style sheets, templates, and storyboards, students can focus on the fabrication and animation aspects of their film. Additionally, because each pipeline segment is a career in the industry, learning the pipeline in segments also gives them an idea about how an animated film is actually made.

Ultimately, I want to inspire storytelling through animation by providing the necessary skills required for students to have ownership in their work, agency in their expression, and support in their chosen field.

Primary Art Forms:
Stop Motion Animantion

Grade Levels: 6-12, College

Core Content Curriculum Areas:

  • Visual Art
  • Media Arts
  • History
  • Stop Motion Animation

Fee Structure:

  • $75 initial consultation (45 min)
  • $80 per hour for workshops
  • $30 per hour for assistant
  • $50 for travel over 1 hr.
  • Material fees as they apply. *
  • $1600 for 20-hour residency
  • $600 for assistant residency

*Alternatively, students may be given a list of supplies beforehand that they need to have. Some classes are pretty minimal or involve equipment that schools typically have. 

Booking information:
Please note the programs and lesson plans listed here are sample programs. For information about additional programs, or to ask about a custom-created program, please contact the artist. 

To book, go to the website and book a consultation. If the client decides to go ahead with a workshop, I’ll invoice them after the consultation and they can pay through the website. 


Geographic Availability:
Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia

Sample Lessons and Programs:

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