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With support from Georgia
Council for the Arts, 7 Stages produced quality performances that inspired the
imagination, provoked dialogue and interaction, and spoke to the social,
political, and spiritual themes of our age. In concert with productions, we
implemented curriculum based arts learning programs in local schools, and
provided outreach and development services for hundreds of area children,
adults, and artists. Support for local artists was provided though the Home Brew
series, offering opportunities for local playwrights to have staged readings
and world premiere productions. 7 Stages was a major employer of Atlanta based
actors, musicians, designers, and technicians. 7 Stages also worked as a global
ambassador to promote American theatre and collaborated with international
artists, ensembles, and organizations. These activities promoted Georgia on a
national and international level. All activities contributed positively to the
economy. According to the Arts and Economic Prosperity calculator provided by
Americans for the Arts, 7 Stages supported 33 full time equivalent jobs. Our
local government received an estimated $52,284 in revenue and the State of
Georgia earned $63,203 in revenue from expenditures made by 7 Stages or our
patrons. The total industry impact of 7 Stages and its audience’s event related
expenditures is estimated at $1,130,904.