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Okeefenokee Heritage Center - Waycross

We are so proud to have been chosen as a recipient for this grant.  Thousands of people in our area have been effected by this show and the OHC during the development of this program.  More people are coming to the Heritage Center and signing up for memberships or art and drama classes.  The buzz this show has created has developed huge momentum for us and it’s all thanks to GCA.  We would not have been able to have a canopy up to protect the audience or spray for pests, we would not have been able to get professional sound and light equipment allowing for the later performance time, we would not have had the tools we needed with the stage weaponry and costumes if GCA had not provided us this grant to perform one of the most popular dramatic plays known in the western world.  Diversity was present not only in our cast but in our audience because of what GCA allowed us to leverage in our community.  There were more volunteers in a single event than we have had in a long time.