The Story Ship – Sean Driscoll

Sean Driscoll and his Story Ship have thrilled audiences with educational children's performances for over 30 years. Shows combine interactive animation, music, movement, storytelling, theater, comedy, games, puzzles, and magic. The Story Ship artists perform regularly throughout the United States performing hundreds of shows each year with audiences up to 8,000. Shows include. "Super Me!", "Diggery's Dinosaur Adventure", Pirate Goodie & The Magic", and "Aliens Alive".

Aliens Alive

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors Recorded & Online
Children go a space mission to rescue a young scientist from a alein kidnapping using math and music.

Super Me!

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors
A fast-paced immersive adventure. Audiences use their own new found super powers to help a young boy escape from bullies in a comic book world.

Diggery's Dinosaur Adventure

Kids save the world from dinosaurs coming alive while learning about fossils and dinosaurs.