James McGaw

Jim McGaw grew up in Southeastern Ohio where he found a rich heritage at the crossroads of American mountain and country music. He has been performing and composing music for over 45 years. His Bluegrass/Jazz/Country crossover group, The New Vinton County Frogwhompers Marching, Singing, Strumming, and Plucking Society were featured in the nationally syndicated PBS series, Hocking Valley Bluegrass, and highlighted in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine. His music has been used for Emmy Award winning documentary films. He plays the six and twelve string guitars, autoharp, hammered and mountain dulcimers and banjo. Currently Jim specializes in presentations of the playing styles and history of the Hammer Dulcimer and Mountain Dulcimer. Jim does acoustic folk presentations including American, Irish, German, French, English, and Scottish music. Jim enjoys doing children’s presentations and has done so successfully for a number of years at schools, festivals and special programs.

Hammer and Mountain Dulcimers - their music, history and science

Delivery MethodLive & Outdoors Recorded & Online
Music: Presentation on the music, playing styles, history and science of the hammer and mountain dulcimers. These presentations include adaptation of these instruments to contemporary musical styles and computer based music. The artist will provide his own sound reinforcement equipment.