Atlanta Chinese Dance Company

Atlanta Chinese Dance Company (ACDC) educates and entertains audiences about Chinese dance, history, and culture. Founded in 1991 by Hwee-Eng Y. Lee and co-directed by Hwee Eng and Kerry Lee, the troupe has enchanted audiences of diverse backgrounds through numerous original full-evening Chinese dance performances, educational lecture-demonstrations, and workshops for performing arts centers, schools/universities, libraries, senior centers, arts festivals, international days, corporate events, military observances, Asian community events, and more. Most notably, ACDC helped showcase Atlanta to the world as performers in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Centennial Olympic Games. For more than a decade, they performed the “Chinese variation” in the Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

Ribbon Dance of Empowerment (Full-Evening Program)

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors Recorded & Online
"Ribbon Dance of Empowerment" features a collection of folk and classical Chinese dances representing China's long history and diverse cultures and culminates in a mini dance drama intertwining Chinese dance with personal storytelling to share a rarely told story about Chinese Americans in the South. It has been performed in South Carolina and Georgia to critical acclaim ("showstopping performance" with "bright colors, high energy and remarkable emotions displayed by the dancers").

Chinese Dance Lecture-Demonstration

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors Live & Outdoors Recorded & Online
Atlanta Chinese Dance Company's lecture-demonstration features dazzling performances interspersed with background information, audience participation, and Q&A. It's a fun and memorable way to experience the beauty and splendor of the art of Chinese dance as well as China's long history and diverse cultures. It can be tailored for any age group, including schools (PreK to college), assisted living facilities, libraries, etc. Price varies based on length of program, # of artists, and location.

Chinese Dance Workshop or Residency

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors Live & Online Live & Outdoors Recorded & Online
Learning Chinese dance is not only a great physical workout but also a window into Chinese history and culture. The curriculum can be tailored for any age or level – from professional dancers to young children to assisted living residents. For live classes, participants try their hand with Chinese dance props such as ribbons, fans, chopsticks, and handkerchiefs. Online participants learn Chinese dance fundamentals. Price varies based on length of program, # of participants, and location.