Abel Arias

Abel Arias is an accomplished actor, improviser, and teacher. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from UC Santa Cruz and spent 15 years in Los Angeles working as an actor and improviser. Abel trained at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade), The Groundlings, and Comedy Sportz (CSz) performing on many stages across Los Angeles, as well as Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta. He had the honor of teaching Improv for Actors at The American Academy of Dramatic Art in Los Angeles and continues to enjoy watching actors of all levels grow through improvisation at Drama Inc. and Dad’s Garage. Abel looks forward to bringing Improv(e) in everything to schools throughout the Atlanta area.

Improv(e) in Everything

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors Live & Outdoors
Theatre: The program is titled Improv(e) in Everything. The primary art form is improvisation and can be implemented into theatre, or leadership class. Students will be on their feet and discuss their thoughts, and observations were during improv warm-up games and exercises. Through their participation in the exercises and the discussions, they will learn more about themselves and others, in turn creating a stronger connection with their peers.

Bored and Loving It

Delivery MethodLive & Indoors Live & Outdoors
Theatre: Bored with kids is one of the worst positions to be in as a parent, mentor, or guardian. Let's explore why the disconnect happens with young kids (and not-so young kids) and see what happens when we accept the boredom. In this program we will use improv principles to re-inspire the playfulness that will drastically reduce boredom.