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Our organization has such a tight budget that we would not have had the courage to step out and offer these lessons without the financial security of a grant to back us up.  The start-up needed for supplies, advertising and instructor fees seemed insurmountable.  Thanks to the grant, I was able to convince my board of trustees and my accountant that this program made sense because it filled a need in the community, it would bring new people into the museum, and, if proven successful, it might in the future become a stream of revenue for the museum.  It allowed me to take a risk–one that has paid off in several ways: there are 21 new art appreciators in the world; ALL of the families involved in the lessons joined as museum members; there is renewed interest in the community about our other events and programs; we have made new connections with artist instructors; and, due to popular demand, we are adding a full line-up of adult classes in the fall!