Georgia council of the Arts


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First mention of “the arts” in the Constitution of the State of Georgia (Article IV, § 13); “The arts and sciences shall be promoted, in one or more seminaries of learning, and the Legislature shall, as soon as conveniently may be, give such further donations and privileges, to those already established, as may be necessary to secure the objects of their institution; and it shall be the duty of the General Assembly, at their next session, to provide effectual measures for the improvement and permanent security of the funds and endowments of such institutions.”

Act to create an Art Commission for the State of Georgia (HB 876); focused on advising the Governor on the acquisition of works of art for the State

Act to create the Georgia Art Commission (HB 1076); repeals the 1953 act creating an Art Commission; establishes a broader focus of advising the State on the visual arts and the visual image of the State

Act to amend the Georgia Art Commission (HB 671); adds music and drama to the responsibilities of the Commission; adds representatives of those respective fields to the Commission

Act to create the Georgia Commission on the Arts (SB 218); the legal successor of the Georgia Art Commission, which is abolished; expanded scope includes the visual arts, performing arts, and literary arts; provides for the election of a chairman; provides for an executive director and other staff; declared the official agency to receive and disburse funds from the National Endowment for the Arts; expanded purpose includes: encouraging “public interest and participation” in the arts, serving “persons in all parts of the State,” creating interest in the cultural heritage and cultural resources of the State, encouraging “freedom of artistic expression,” and advising the State and State agencies on works of art, architecture, and landscape. This is generally considered the first year when GCA programming was officially funded by the State.

Act to create the Georgia Council for the Arts and the Humanities (SB 482); supplants Georgia Commission on the Arts; organized under the Office of Planning and Budget

Act to change Georgia Council for the Arts and the Humanities to Georgia Council for the Arts (SB 428)

Georgia Council for the Arts moves from the Office of Planning and Budget to the Georgia Department of Economic Development (HB 264)

50th anniversary of the establishment of the Georgia Commission on the Arts, considered the earliest precursor to the form and function of Georgia Council for the Arts

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