Rural Hospital Art Loan Program

The story of the State Art Collection begins in the late 1960s, when the Georgia Council for the Arts launched the Georgia Art Bus Program, sending a bus transformed into a traveling exhibition space to venues around the state. Several years later the Georgia General Assembly created the Art Acquisition Program to purchase works created by artists in Georgia. Each year a panel of expert judges met to recommend acquisitions, and eventually the collection grew to more than 600 pieces.

Though the Art Bus program ended decades ago, the intent to bring original works of art by Georgia artists to people throughout the state has endured. It is in this vein that we have placed works from the State Art Collection rural Georgia hospitals. It is our hope that patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and administrators alike might take a moment with these works of art and enjoy an introduction to some of the immense talent that our state has nurtured. Each hospital receives the loan for a twelve-month period of time during which time GCA works with them to identify and connect with local arts organizations and/or artists to further explore opportunities for the role of the arts in health and wellness.

Previous Exhibits:

Elbert Memorial Hospital

South Georgia Medical Center: Berrien Campus

Washington County Regional Medical Center