More Than Murals Workshop

More Than Murals is a 3-day intensive workshop on creative placemaking and public art. Feb. 22-24, 2023 in Thomasville, Georgia
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While many people think of art as only a fun concert or a pretty mural, the arts can be a powerful tool for cities to use to address community challenges as well as to encourage economic growth.This three-day intensive will offer teams of three from ten different cities the opportunity to see what Thomasville has accomplished through strategic partnerships with artists, arts organizations, local businesses, and the city. After meeting with those responsible for Thomasville’s growth and seeing their arts-related projects, attendees will participate in a crash course in creative placemaking and public art to learn how to plan and carry out effective arts-based programming. Each community team will come into the workshop with a specific challenge that their city is facing. The staff teaching the workshops will then work with each team to develop an arts-based strategy that addresses their community challenge. This workshop is being organized by the City of Thomasville Downtown & Tourism Development, Georgia Council for the Arts, Georgia Municipal Association, and Thomasville Center for the Arts.

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