Arts & Corrections

A national review of Evidence Based Research findings between 1980-2014 found that participants in Prison Arts Programs statistically:

  • Have lower incidences of in-prison infractions/disciplinary action
  • Are more likely to pursue other training or education while incarcerated
  • And through both self-reporting and externally evaluation have indicated increased social-emotional skills such as:
    • Coping skills
    • Anger management
    • Increased self-worth
    • Increased ability to see pathway forward (positive, no longer defined by crime)
    • Increased bonding and improved relationships with family
    • Increased vocabulary, writing and critical thinking skills

Since 2017 GCA has been working in partnership with the Georgia Department of Corrections and the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice to increase access to art opportunities and programs in our state’s facilities.

Art & Criminal Justice Forum Program

GCA/DJJ/KSU/Alliance Arts Pilot Program

GA Department of Corrections Art & Music Participation Survey

Arts & Corrections Research and Resources