Nichole Hamilton

Nichole Hamilton

Nichole’s ultimate goal for every workshop is that each student develops an understanding of material through new and interesting creative approaches, and the ability to constructively analyze and articulate his or her work. Nichole is an actor, teacher, director, and storyteller working in the Southeast. Most recently, Nichole taught as adjunct instructor at the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance. She has acted, directed, and taught ages 3-50 in California, Florida, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, and Georgia in a variety of genres including improvisation, children’s theatre, Shakespeare, and opera, as well as the more contemporary texts including new and devised work. Nichole holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Montevallo near Birmingham, Alabama, and an MFA in Acting from the University of Florida in Gainesville. She has twenty years of experience teaching acting at various levels. Nichole strives to set a trusting and collaborative artistic environment and meet each student at their level of learning.

Arts Disciplines: Storytelling, Poetry/Spoken Word, Theatre/Drama

Core Content Curriculum Areas: English/Language Arts, Theatre/Drama

Specialized Content Areas: ADA/Special Needs, Arts Integration, World Cultures, STEAM, Character Education, Anti-bullying

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Adjunct Teaching: Non-majors, BFA and BA: Acting I, II and III, Oral Interpretation, Voice/Speech and Movement, Theatre Appreciation, Audition Workshop, and MFA: Voice IV

Special Populations: At-risk Students

Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Post-Secondary/Pre-Service Learning, Professional Development for Teaching Artists

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia

Program Fees:

  • Performances: $50-$75 per performance + $0.20/mile for over 30 miles traveled
  • Workshops: $15-$25 per child or $50 an hour depending on program + $0.20/mile for over 30 miles traveled
  • Residencies: $200-$500 per week depending on residency type

Artistic Profile:

As an artist in the public school system, Nichole creates a specific and unique one-person show compromised of storytelling and student participation to make learning fun, active, and all-inclusive for the school. Nichole has been an actor, teacher, and director for over twenty years. Most recently, Nichole has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Florida. She is also a member of Actor’s Equity Association (Actor and Stage Manager union) as well as a company member at The Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville, Florida. When asked what her favorite role has been – the answer is always “it depends.” Whether it is teaching Shakespeare, writing and directing devised works, collaborating with particular directors, playing a dynamic character in a well-written script, or working with a special needs group – favorite projects are about setting objectives, doing the work to achieve them, and then testing the choices in rehearsal or performance and having fun while doing it. 

Teaching Experience:

Beginning as a camp counselor/drama instructor at Camp Isadore Alterman at the Atlanta Jewish Community Center in the late 1990s, Nichole discovered her second calling – teaching. A love of children’s theatre and imparting knowledge and experience learned in the theatre to younger generations was nourished in the following years spent with Georgia Mountain Theatre and California Theatre Center – both institutions requiring their artists to work in children’s education in addition to acting. From there, Nichole expounded on educational opportunities freelancing in the San Francisco Bay Area, in particular those serving at-risk youth. After working with various art outreach programs, Nichole decided an MFA would be the next logical pursuit in becoming a better teacher. At the University of Florida, Nichole earned an MFA in Acting in 2011. Since then, she has sought out opportunities, particularly in Georgia and the southeast region that allow her to continue creating art as well as imparting even more knowledge and experience to those wanting to learn. Educational organizations include GA: Georgia Mountain Theatre, Atlanta Jewish Community Center, Creative Studios of Atlanta; CA: California Theatre Center, Tapestry in Talent, Creative Learning Through Arts Programs, San Francisco Shakespeare Theatre (including Midnight Shakespeare), La Entrada Middle School, Los Altos Youth Theatre, Peninsula Youth Theatre, San Francisco Arts Education, The Tech Museum of Innovation; TN: Bowie Nature Park, Kids on Stage; OH: Weathervane Playhouse; FL: The Hippodrome Theatre, The University of Florida.

Sample Programs:

  • Monologue Workshop– Students write as many “I Know” statements in five minutes. Students then explore statements using voice and movement. Students begin to narrow down five most prominent, then three, and then ultimately one final statement. From this statement they begin to write 30-60 second monologue around the statement culminating in a show and tell.
    • Monologue Workshop fulfills the following ELA Standards:
    • Grade 8 Language CC8L6 – Students will incorporate vocabulary acquired at grade level into the written monologue. Choosing select words to highlight in delivery and performance will assist in expression of subtext as well as audience comprehension of the written monologue.
    • Grades 9-10 Writing CC9-10W1.d CC9-10W2.e CC9-10W7 – Surrounding the central theme of the student’s chosen “I Know…” statement, students will write opening claims, support those claims with valid justifications, provide counterclaims, and provide a concluding statement to summarize their overall monologue while using grade level specific vocabulary.
    • Speaking and Listening CC9-10SL3 Language CC9-10L3 – Students will evaluate and/or reflect on their personal point of view while including reason and rhetoric.
  • Improvisation Workshop– Students will learn a basic understanding of improvisation (improv) while exploring voice and movement, the art of saying yes, listening, and truthfully responding in given exercises. After students have acquired an overall understanding of the theatre art form, we will incorporate concepts, themes, and characters they have studied in their grade allowing them to analyze and comprehend historical figures, documents, or fictional characters from literature.
    • Improvisation Workshop fulfills the following ELA Standards:
    • Grade 7 Reading Literary Text CC7RL2 – Improvise scenes using a theme or central idea from a given text.
    • Grade 8 Reading Literary Text CC8RL2 – Improvise scenes using a theme or central idea from a given text, “including its relationship to the characters, setting, and plot.”
    • Grades 9-10 Reading Literary Text CC9-10RL2 CC9-10RL7 –Improvise scenes using a theme or central idea from a given poem or painting.
    • Grades 11-12 Reading Literary Text CC11-12RL9 – Improvise scenes using a theme or central idea from American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, or Multicultural Literature
  • Creative Process Workshop – Students will find themes from both fictional and non-fictional texts and begin to analyze, compare, and contrast the texts. Texts will then be used as performance material while giving the students the opportunity to be the director by selecting, rearranging, and ultimately creating a performance narrative for an audience.
    • Creative Process Workshop fulfills the following ELA Standards:
    • Grade 8 Reading Literary Text CC8RL2 – Students will create a performance piece using texts read in class with common central themes.
    • Grades 9-10 Reading Literary Text CC9-10RL2 CC9-10RL7 –Students will create a performance piece using two or more different artistic mediums with common central themes (painting, poem, classical music, etc.)
    • Grades 11-12 Reading Literary Text CC11-12RL9 – Students will create a performance piece using eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century literary texts.

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

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