Marquice L. Williams

Marquice L. Williams

Marquice L. Williams is known for his captivating spoken word poetry, engaging hip hop performances, inviting DJ sets, witty hosting skills, and nonstop dedication to creating safe spaces where any individual can tell their truth. When he is off the stage, you can find him mentoring, teaching performance poetry workshops, and diving into critical literacy at schools and organizations in Georgia and nationwide. Marquice’s roots in the arts dig back to age six when he landed his first role with the Sankofa Theater Company as the tap dance kid. From there, Williams could be seen performing on WSAV a few Saturday mornings a month alongside Magic Marc as a young magician’s assistant. Marquice stepped out into the world as a spoken word artist by joining the Spitfire Poetry Group’s Junior Company (Spitfire JuCo), and began performing on stages across the country. This led to him opening for acts such as comedians Marcus D. Wiley, Jonathan Slocumb, and more. After the passing of his performance coach and mentor, Clinton D. Powell, this young artist then began his journey as a co-director of The Spitfire Poetry Group. While co-leading one of Savannah’s premier spoken word troupes, he helps organize consistent community events and platforms for all ages, continues an annual weeklong Savannah Spoken Word Festival in honor of National Poetry Month, assists Georgia artists, businesses, and organizations with creating forums and showcases, as well as advocating for the many stories that go unheard.

Arts Disciplines: Storytelling, Poetry/Spoken Word, Creative Writing, Theatre/Drama, Performance Coach

Core Content Curriculum Areas: Social Studies/History, Music, Theatre/Drama, English/Language Arts

Specialized Content Areas: Literacy, Character Education, Spoken Word Poetry

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Teacher Development

Special Populations: At-risk Students

Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Professional Development for Teaching Artists, Critical Literacy

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia

Program Fees:

  • Workshop Fees: $20 per workshop participant for a 1-2 hour session +$0.45/mile, # of Participants required per workshop: 5-25
  • Performance Fees (for events seating up to 100): $175 per 15-20min set +$0.45/mile, $200 per 30-45min set +$0.45/mile
  • Hosting Fees (for events seating up to 100): $250 per 1hr 30min event +$0.45/mile, $275 per 2-hour event +$0.45/mile
  • Residency Fees: $300-$575 per week depending on residency type +$0.45/mile

Please email for a free consultation regarding additional time, workshops seating more than twenty-five, showcases and productions seating more than 100, creating a program curriculum containing your desired results, and more. Fees are subject to change due to needs of teaching/performing artist.

Artistic Profile:

Marquice L. Williams has been featured on stages across the country for his spellbinding vocal performances and is co-director of the reputable Spitfire Poetry Group. As a well sought after educator and mentor, he conducts engaging workshops for fearless writers of all ages in Savannah Chatham County Public Schools, and the Deep Center’s advanced creative writing and youth leadership program, Block by Block. He also works as a direct care professional and creative workshop facilitator at Park Place Outreach Youth Emergency Shelter, Inc.

Marquice’s command of the stage and uncanny ability to connect with writers of all backgrounds makes him an inspiring role model. In the classroom, he confidently but gently pushes novice writers on their path to literary mastery, them discovering not only the joy of writing but its ability to affect change in their own lives and the lives of their community. Recognized by Spitfire’s motivational mantra, “If you must speak, always Spitfire!” Marquice brings a refreshing, meticulous, and energizing approach, ensuring youth become conscious and critical change agents that will inspire their peers and beyond.

Professional Highlights:

  • 2018 Multicultural Chamber of Commerce 40 Under 40 Honoree
  • Performed & facilitated creative writing sessions with Savannah Black Heritage Festival.
  • A performance coach and sound engineer for the renowned sculptor and poet, Jerome Meadows’ production “Blank Page Poetry: Words & Shadows.”
  • Opened for multi-medium artist Nick Cave’s “Sound Suits” production.
  • Sound engineer and co-director for productions with master storyteller Lillian Grant-Baptiste
  • Narrated for the Savannah Philharmonic during Savannah Picnic in the Park
  • Performed at an HBO sponsored event “My WordZ Make U Think”
  • MC’d for “Lights On Events,” hosted by 21st Century Community Learning Centers in Savannah
  • Performance coach for productions with Abeni Cultural Arts Dance Studio, The Performing Arts Collective of Savannah, National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award-winner Deep Center, Inc., and more.
  • Voted Best of Savannah 2013 with the Spitfire Poetry Group
  • All Walks of Life’s (A.W.O.L. inc.) Hip Hop History Theater Productions alumnus
  • Former Savannah Youth Slam Champion (2007-2010)

Teaching Experience:

  • UGA Red Clay National Writing Project Fellow
  • 8+ years leading professional development and creative writing workshops with Savannah-Chatham County Public School System
  • 10+ years running creative workshops with at-risk youth at Park Place Outreach, Inc.
  • Trained in critical literacy development and managing aggressive behavior
  • Specialties in spoken word poetry, performance coaching, and creative youth leadership 

Sample Programs:

  • Spoken Word/Performance Poetry Workshop: Designed to introduce the art of both text and performance poetry. Within the workshop, individuals will take part in writing exercises, have the opportunity to listen to, as well as view, spoken word/performance poetry, and eventually will be able to perform an original spoken word piece. The outline and lesson plans demonstrate typical sessions focusing on norming the space, histories of poetry/spoken word, and the critical dissection of literary text. These can be modified to meet the needs of your organization and the program design is flexible according to your time limitations. If you would like to build a custom program specific to your organization, feel free to contact Marquice Williams directly via email at We look forward to collaborating with you in the very near future.

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

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