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Kay Rosenblum

Kay is as excited now to be a Teaching Artist and Storyteller as she was 35 years ago. After serving as an Acting Intern with the Alliance Theatre, she pursued working with schools to offer memorable learning classroom experiences. Her workshops provide students with an opportunity for creativity, cooperation, language skills and learning.

In the classroom, she’s applied acting techniques to such diverse subjects as Economics, The American Revolutionary War, Insects, the Planets, Pollution, Settling the West and Animal Habitats. Some tools she uses to accomplish the goal of happy learning are: improvisation, puppets, acting games, a flip-flop book she wrote for dramatic play and sentence structure, fabric pieces to make costumes, historical “movies,” songs and poems she has written, tableaux, haiku and poems, dance, music, props and student developed performances.

As a performer, Kay has a wide repertoire of stories, poems, fables, folktales, myths, and songs to bring to audiences of all ages. Her costumed storytelling characters are all original creations. She exhibits her multiple talents as she uses magic tricks, drawings, singing, clowning and puppets, with her storytelling.

Social Media: Facebook

Arts Disciplines: Storytelling

Core Content Curriculum Areas: Theatre/Drama, English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies/History

Specialized Content Areas: Arts Integration, STEAM, ELL (English Language Learners), Literacy, History, World Cultures, Character Education

Special Populations: ELL (English Language Learners)

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5

Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development:Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta

Program Types:
School-based Classroom Workshop(s), School-based Afterschool Program, School-based Assembly Program, School-based Residency Program, School-based Summer Program, Community-based Workshop(s)

Community-based Assembly Program, Community-based Afterschool Program, Community-based Residency Program, Community-based Summer Program

Online Content for School Use, Hybrid Online and In-Person Content for Schools

Program Fees:
I have many programs available and am always willing to develop new programs to suit your needs.

  • Performances:
    • $275 for one show. Two shows: $500
  • Workshops:
    • $150 per classroom
  • Residencies, Access to Online Content, and Hybrid Online & In-Person:
    • Negotiable

Artistic Profile:

After graduating with a BA in Theatre from Florida State University, Kay served as an Alliance Theatre Acting Intern. She acted in dinner theatre, commercials, and film.

Kay became interested in working in schools while conducting afterschool acting classes at Mary Lin Elementary in 1986 and the principal, Adelia Hall, asked her if she could act out the Boston Tea Party with 5th graders. Yes! The students and teachers responded with enthusiasm. She became a Teaching Artist with the Georgia Council for the Arts, Young Audiences, and the Fulton County Teaching Museum. She has found her way into hundreds of classrooms throughout Georgia using drama techniques to act out curriculum studies.

Having developed several storytelling characters, Kay now performs at libraries, schools, camps, literacy events,the Inman Park Festival and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Her shows include a wide variety of subjects including: folk tales, fairy tales, myths, the weather, outer space, character development, pollution, insects, Aesop’s Fables and literacy.

Kay approaches each classroom workshop and performance with the attitude that if students/audiences enjoy themselves, they will have a more memorable time and learning will take place naturally. To this end, she uses humor, magic illusions, songs, drawing stories, puppets, clowning and audience participation.

Teaching Experience:

Afterschool Acting Class, Mary Lin Elementary – 30 years
Program Director for Circus Camp in Decatur – 21 years
On Camera Acting Teacher, Kiddin’ Around Talent Agency – 4 years
Preschool Music Enrichment Teacher, Phoenix School, – 8 years
Teaching Residencies through the Georgia Council for the Arts – hundreds of classrooms
Teaching Workshops through Young Audiences – hundreds of classrooms
Developed and acting in several instructional videos for the Fulton County Teaching Museum
Fulton County Teaching Museum Assembly Programs – 5 years
Workshops for Teachers to learn How to Use Drama Techniques in the Classroom

Sample Programs:

  • Queen Emeralda Shows:
    Magical Garden Stories
    Books are Magic
    Folktales from Around the World

    • As Mother Nature, Kay Rosenblum will magically whisk your students to all five regions of Georgia to look for signs of pollution and its impact. We’ll “meet” some of Georgia’s endangered animals and visit polluted lands and waterways. Kay’s use of puppets, magic tricks and guided improvisations will keep your students involved and learning. Finally, students will discuss how they can make a difference and learn a song to help them remember to do what they can to help the Earth
  • Insects Are Everywhere:
    What has six legs, four wings and two antennae?
    Three students acting out an insect with Kay!
    This fact packed assembly will have your students looking like insects, acting out their life cycle, and “meeting” some of insects’ predators (including humans)! Students participate in acting out Aesop’s “The Ant and The Grasshopper” as they
    learn how different insects survive.
  • Riding West
    • Theme: “Travel” out West on the Oregon Trail
    • Grade Level:  4
    • Number of Students:  35
    • Facility:   Classroom
    • Technical Requirements:  none
    • Fee:   $125 per workshop, two workshop minimum
    • Standard Connection:  SS4H6
  • Queen Snowflake’s Winter Wonderland Show
    • Theme: Winter
    • Grade Levels:  K-2
    • Number of Students:  225
    • Facility:  Stage (approx.. 10’ x 12’)
    • Fee:  $250 per performance
    • Standards Connections:  SKCS5. SKCS2. S1E1. S1E2.S2E2. S2L1.
  • Insects are Everywhere
    • Theme: Insects’ Environments and Lives
    • Grade Levels:  K-2
    • Number of Students:   25
    • Facility:  Classroom or open space
    • Fee:  $125 per workshop, two workshop minimum
    • Standards Connections:  SKL1, SKL2, S1L1, S2L1

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

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