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Joseph E. Reed

Joseph E. Reed

​Joseph E. Reed, “The One Man Orchestra”, has done it again!

Another audience is clapping, singing, and ready to dance!

Joseph creates exciting, interactive, multi-layered songs, right in front of you.

In real time, he combines guitar, violin and​ other instruments using looper and effects pedals.

Then he gets the crowd moving!

Joseph regularly p​erform​s​ for​ special events​ ​(serenades​, weddings,​ anniversary celebrations).

He can also be seen in the community playing for ​farmer’s markets​, cultural events​​, ​churches, ​and educational conferences.

Joseph started playing violin at age 8 and played in school and community orchestras throughout his school years.

He studied vocal and instrumental Music Education at Colorado State University (Bachelors 2001).

Mr. Reed has taught vocal and Instrumental music in public schools (9 years), private schools (4 years), and given private lessons (25 years).

His music education company, Music Unlimited LLC, offers a playful, learner-based approach.

Social Media: Instagram, YouTube

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Arts Disciplines: Music, Poetry/Spoken Word

Core Content Curriculum Areas: Music

Specialized Content Areas: Arts Integration, History, World Cultures, Character Education

Grade Levels: Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Program Types: 
School-based Assembly Program, Community-based Assembly Program

Special Populations: ELL (English Language Learners), At-Risk Students, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) students, Exceptional Learners (students with disabilities as well as those who are gifted and talented

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia

Program Fees:

  • Performance fees – $500 for one show. $300 for each additional show (same day). Up to 60 minutes per show. Performances include an aide/facilitator that will offer to those interested to play Musicards or participate in the performance.
  • Workshop fees – $30 per participant. Includes participation in a giveaway, to win a deck of Musicards™. (Approx. giveaway ratio 1:10)
    • Ages: K-12
    • Levels: Beginner through Advanced
    • Length: 45-60 minutes.
    • Minimum number of participants required per workshop: 5. (Price may decrease depending on number of participants, please contact for details.)
  • * All programs will have an extra $0.50/mile if outside of the Metro Atlanta area. Other costs of travel and accommodation are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

Artistic Profile:

“The One Man Orchestra”, Joseph E. Reed, presents music that is always 100% organic!

Grown and produced on the spot.

(Never canned or pre-recorded).

So you can be sure your experience is full of freshness, pure passion, and creativity.

Joseph, your “musical chef”, will be whipping up the most popular cover songs for you, using the best ingredients:

Guitar, violin, looper pedal, and some seriously saucy sound effects!

Joseph E. Reed is a certified music educator and a highly experienced entertainer.

He earned a Bachelors Degree in Music from Colorado State University 2001.

Joseph has over 3 decades of musical training.

Joseph E. Reed has become a much sought after entertainer for private and special events in both Metro Atlanta, the continental U.S. and abroad.

Your musical requests are welcomed, and will be created with care.

Teaching Experience:

Even before graduating from Colorado State University in 2001, Joseph has been serving as a private lessons instructor (piano, voice, violin, guitar, music theory).

Also, he has been directing both vocal and instrumental ensembles since high school (1995).

Joseph served as the Vocal and General Music Teacher at Mann Middle School in Colorado Springs, CO from 2002-2009 before moving to Atlanta, GA.

In Atlanta Joseph has taught vocal and instrumental music at public and private schools.

In addition, he established his own music education company, Music Unlimited LLC, in 2012. Through MU, Joseph teaches with a playful, learner-based approach.

Sample Programs:

  • The One Man Orchestra:
    …Going from silence,…
    to a SYMPHONY!…

    The ingredients?…
    PT…PT… PT…KAT-ch-ka…
    PT…PT… PT…KAT-ch-ka…
    It starts with a beat…
    Scratched, tapped or pounded so…
    Then captured…with a tap of a toe…
    The looper pedal sparks into action,
    Each fresh sound repeats…
    As the music mixture heats…
    A fresh, thick bass groove is slapped down…
    And then…
    Some hearty chords and filling tones
    adding some tasty meat to those bones…
    A rich harmony…for smoothness…wow!
    Things are really cooking now!
    By the time the melody comes in, things are almost to a boil…
    And the crowd is already ready already
    To clap their hands and dance!
    It’s one thing to hear music played over canned, pre-recorded tracks.
    (Sort of like a microwave TV dinner…)
    It’s a whole other experience to watch,
    As Joseph E. Reed CREATES the background beat…
    The bass line,
    The chords,
    The harmonies,
    And melodies
    right in front of you!
    (It’s like going to the Korean BBQ and seeing the chef craft your entire meal right before your eyes).

    Come, take a journey through the creative process!

    Joseph E. Reed will take you from silence to symphony.
    He is…
    “The One Man Orchestra”

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:


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