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WE were able to expose the community to a variety of EXCELLENT Georgia artists that they would otherwise not be able to enjoy!  I wanted to share this small note with you as well! This made everything worth the time, effort and cost! Thanks for helping us bring these programs to our community! Last Friday, the library was at the Banks County Elementary School Career Day. During our presentation, one of the 3rd grade students who had attended all of the programs was asked to tell what she had learned or enjoyed about the programs. She mentioned the fun and laughing at her grandmother who had played the princess in one of the stories, but then she went on to discuss the Full Radius Dance program. She told about the stories they danced and how much fun she had had, then she said, ‘ and two of them were in wheelchairs! That means we can do things we’ve never imagined if we practice and try!’ Seeing that program helped her learn a lesson which will stay with her forever! We’d like to think that we made a BIG difference to all of the folks that came and enjoyed the programs! At least, they had an evening full of fun, music, laughter and family