How we support the Arts

The mission of Georgia Council for the Arts is to cultivate the growth of vibrant, thriving Georgia communities through the arts.
How we support artists

Georgia Council for the Arts believes that artists are the foundation of all arts based economic and community development successes in our state. While we are unable to provide direct grants to artists, we encourage artists to work with nonprofit and government entities on GCA grants to support their work. In addition, GCA maintains the Teaching Artist Registry and the Vibrant Communities Artist Registry as a means of promoting the work of Georgia artists to schools, libraries and communities across the state. In an effort to support the professional lives of working artists, GCA also regularly publishes calls for artists, residency and conference opportunities for artists on our Facebook page.

How we support arts organizations

GCA believes that the arts can transform communities, and our funding for arts organizations supports those organizations whose work demonstrates a significant benefit to the community. In addition, GCA provides research and economic impact data about the arts industry to inform messaging and promotes professional development and capacity building opportunities for the field.

How we support local government

GCA endeavors to not only support the arts industry in Georgia, but also to help local government connect with artists and arts organizations in meaningful ways that influence and shape economic development and cultural vitality. We provide local staff consultations, grant funding, artist lists, and resources and research on best practices in public art, arts education, arts and aging and many other relevant art topics.