Conferences & Professional Development

GCA publishes all recent professional development opportunities that are shared with us on our FaceBook page.  Please follow us on FB to stay informed.





Americans for the Arts Annual Convention

June 12-14, 2015

Chicago, Illinois

For nearly 60 years, Americans for the Arts has convened an annual convention for arts and community leaders to network and discuss strategies for building stronger towns, counties, and cities through the arts. This year’s Annual Convention explores power and empowerment of the individual and the greater community.





Performing Arts Exchange

September 28 - October 1, 2015

Baltimore, Maryland

The Performing Arts Exchange, or PAE, is an annual performing arts booking, showcasing and professional development conference, managed by South Arts and hosted by a different eastern city each year. PAE is the primary marketplace and forum for performing arts presenting and touring – artists and work, ideas, learning and information – in the eastern US. Our purpose is to connect artists with audiences by fostering excellence in all aspects of presenting and touring the performing arts. 







Georgia Council for the Arts does not endorse or recommend any specific opportunities but provides this list for information only. Artists and organizations are encouraged to research each opportunity thoroughly before submitting information, following any specific advice or acting on recommendations.