About the Governor’s Arts Learning Task Force

Governor Deal officially appointed the members of the Arts Learning Task Force in June  2014. Their first meeting will take place in August 2014. It is anticipated that the work of the Task Force will take approximately one year.


In the Governor’s executive order, the Task Force is charged with two responsibilities:


1) To make recommendations to prepare the state to effectively improve the educational achievement and attainment of students through the creation of robust arts learning environments, which may include discipline-based arts education and arts integration.


2) Provide recommendations and support the state’s position in research and development related to and arising out of the integration of arts education into K-12 classrooms, including an examination of existing model arts education initiatives within Georgia and the experiences of other states and school districts.


We anticipate that the Task force will deliver their recommendations related to their charge in July 2015.


Arts Learning Task Force Executive Order


Arts Learning Task Force Press Release


Arts Learning Task Force Members


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