Georgia Council for the Arts Announces Grant Awards for Fiscal Year 2012

Wednesday, 13 July 2011
ATLANTA - Georgia Council for the Arts has awarded just under $1 million for fiscal year 2012 to more than one hundred arts organizations throughout the state. This marks the 47th year that the Council has provided support for those entities that represent the best of Georgia's nonprofit arts industry.

"Fiscal year 2012 is the beginning of an exciting time for Georgia Council for the Arts. We are pleased to continue to work with and support these organizations in the coming year," said Karen L. Paty, GCA director. "The applications we received were of an extremely high quality. We expect great things from all of our grantees as they continue to provide activities and endeavors that make Georgia culturally sound and economically stable."

In previous years, GCA grant award funding has provided a return of more than $6.1 million to counties and cities in the form of sales tax revenue, a finding which is supported by a PricewaterhouseCoopers study. The research results, which included the participation of 98 GCA grantees, also showed that the arts industry contributes more than $350 million in economic impact to the state.

In the new fiscal year Georgia Council for the Arts will continue to focus on supporting the nonprofit arts industry and broaden its approach to include more resources and services such capacity building.

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