Grant Review Panels

Georgia Council for the Arts uses Peer Review Panels to adjudicate applications following National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) precedent. Panelists are GCA Council members and fellow professionals who are experienced in the arts discipline or type of grant being reviewed or are citizens with a record of arts activities, experience, and knowledge. 


FY2020 Grant Panelist Bios


Accessing Panel Meetings

GCA staff will e-mail all applicants to inform them which panel will review their organization’s application.  Applicants will also receive information on how to listen to the panel meeting as well as the order in which applications will be reviewed.

The panelists meet via conference call- there is no in-person meeting.  Applicants may listen to the panel meetings online. 

Listening to the panel meeting is optional for applicants, and all applicants will receive written feedback from the panel when grants are announced.  Those that do listen to the panel meeting will not be able to interact with or respond to the panelists.

Because of the structure of the panel, we can list the order in which applications will be reviewed, but we cannot forecast precisely what time each application will come up for review. 

To listen to the panel meeting, follow these steps:

·         Go to

·         Log in as a Guest by entering your first and last name at the prompt

·         Make sure that the volume is turned up on your computer speakers

·         Read through the notes about the panel that will appear on your screen

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before, test your connection ahead of time: