The FY2018 Amended budget bill was signed by Governor Deal on Friday, 03/09/18.  This bill included a one-time, special appropriation in the current year’s budget to award a $5,000 grant to all FY18 GCA Partner Grant applicants that scored between 80 and 87 that we were not able to fund in July. 


This funding does not carry with it implications for future appropriations.   Nonetheless, it is a remarkable show of support for the arts.  We at the Council for the Arts are grateful to the State Legislature and the Office of the Governor for this acknowledgment of the profound ways in which the work done by arts organizations and artists throughout the state impact economic and community vitality.  .




FY2019 Grants


Project, Partner and Arts Education Grants


Project Grant

Partner Grant

Single project support

General operating support

Maximum request - $7,000

Maximum request - $25,000

Open to non-profits, schools, government entities, libraries, colleges and universities

Open to arts organizations


The deadline for Project and Partner Grant applications is February 13, 2018 at 11:59PM.


ALL GCA grant applications will be submitted through  Foundant

Please read all grant guidelines before starting your application.


The Project Grant Online Workshop was held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.  Click here to listen to a recording of the workshop.



FY19 Project Grant guidelines 


FY19 Project Grant budget form




The Partner Grant Online Workshop was held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 Click here to listen to a recording of the workshop.



FY19 Partner Grant guidelines


FY19 Partner Grant budget form




Arts Education Program Grant

In an effort to put greater emphasis on arts education in Georgia and to align GCA’s arts education funding with the Governor's Arts Learning Task Force Recommendations, in FY17 GCA launched the Arts Education Program Grant. Grants are for $1,500-$5,000 and require a one-to-one cash match. 


The deadline for FY19 Arts Education Program Grant applications is March 6, 2018.   


The FY19 Arts Education Program Grant Online Workshop was held on Wednesday, January 24, 2018.  Click here to listen to a recording of the workshop.


FY19 Arts Education Program Grant Guidelines


FY19 Arts Education Program Grant Budget Form





Vibrant Communities Grant

FY19 Vibrant Communities (VC) Grants are available for eligible organizations in counties in which no FY19 Project, Partner or Arts Education Grants have been awarded. The list of eligible counties is included in the guidelines.  Vibrant Communities Grants provide up to $5,000 for arts projects such as performances, exhibits, workshops, readings, demonstrations, murals, artist residencies, etc.  Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations, government entities, colleges/universities, libraries and schools.  The deadline is August 31, 2018.



FY19 Vibrant Communities Grant Guidelines



Vibrant Communities Artist List

To help applicant communities identify qualified artists, we put together a supplement to the FY19 Vibrant Communities guidelines which lists Georgia artists and arts organizations with programs that could be covered by the grant.  Applicants are not required to use these artists, but the list is a good place to get ideas for different types of programs that could be supported by this grant.   


FY19 Vibrant Communities Artist List




FY19 Vibrant Communities Webinar

GCA offered an online workshop for the FY19 Vibrant Communities Grant on August 7, 2018. Click this link to listen to a recording of the workshop.   


FY19 Vibrant Communities Webinar