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Art Disciplines:

Theatre/Drama, Music, Dance

Core Content Curriculum Areas:


Specialized Content Areas:

World Cultures, Folk Music

Grade Levels:  

Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 (program varies by age level)

Special Populations:

At-risk Students

Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development:

Professional Development for Teaching Artists

Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia


Program Fees:

Performance - Depends on number of artists needed, duration and commitment for multiple shows. Pricing starts at $650, subject to discussion.

Workshop - Depends on number of students and if drums need to be provided. Pricing starts at $250, subject to discussion.

Residency - Depends on duration, recurrence, and number of students. Pricing starts at $300, subject to discussion.

Artistic Profile:


Aly Camara is a master drummer from West Africa (Guinea). He excels in traditional West African musical arrangements and performs on Djembe, dundun, sangban, gongoma and Krin. In his programs, Aly shares the cultural background and importance of traditional music and dance. He also plays drums for West African dancers.

Teaching Experience:

Aly provides artistic leadership to Sehwe Village Percussion. He teaches annually at several African drum and dance classes and teaches weekly classes and frequent residencies. He also leads an annual summer African dance series at Youth Villages in Douglasville, GA. He has a very patient style focused on sharing and carrying forward the traditions of West African culture.

Sample Programs: Drum and Dance Cultural Presentation

Aly provides an energetic and informative drum and dance show with two or more additional artists. The drummers share examples of drum and dance, discuss geography, identify instruments and rhythms, engage the audience in clapping some of the musical parts, and bring some students and teachers on stage to learn some steps. This program is for all ages.

Drumming Residency

Aly visits a school for a defined period of time to teach rhythm in depth, prepare for a performance, or develop a show. This program is for 4th grade and up.

After or During School Drum Classes

Aly teaches weekly classes in traditional rhythms and culture. This can be an ongoing performing group with arrangements. This program is for 4th grade and up.

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

African Rhythm Lesson Plans

Program Photos and Videos: Sehwe at Decatur Arts Fest 2010 Djole Part 1
Aly Camara Solo
Aly Camara Djembe Solo
Aly Camara plays krin for Mamady Sano
2013 Aly Camara Advanced Drum Class Performance