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Email: randydavid29@yahoo.com

Art Disciplines:

Visual Art, Theatre/Drama, Architecture

Core Content Curriculum Areas:

Visual Art, Science, Technology, English/Language Arts, Social Studies/History, Theatre/Drama, Math

Specialized Content Areas Arts Integration, STEAM, Character Education, Archaeology, Paleontology, Environmental Science
Grade Levels:  

Pre-K, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, college, adults (teachers)



Special Populations: At-risk Students, Special Needs Students, Gifted


Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Professional Development for Teaching Artists, Professional Development for K-12 Teachers, Post-Secondary/Pre-Service Learning


Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia


Program Fees:

$250/performance. $450/two back-to-back performances. Audience size max: 200. Outside 50 mi radius, include mileage. Outside 150 mi radius, include mileage, housing, and per diem.

$1,500/week - 4 workshops/day. Audience size per workshop: max 25. Supplies extra. Outside 50 mi radius, include mileage. Outside 80 mi radius, include mileage, housing, and per diem.

Artistic Profile:


I have education and training in the arts. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. I have training in theatre with Luke Abbott, Gavin Bolton, Dorothy Heathcote, and Dr. John Fines of the UK. My theatre work has focused on Process Drama and Mantle of the Expert Approach. I studied painting in Italy. I have Level I Certification in Orff-Schulwerk Music Education. I won a scholarship from Young Audiences to study Frank Lloyd Wright. I was the GAEA Youth Art Month Honorary Art Educator for 2005.

I have experience working primarily with theatre and visual arts, bringing the joy of these crafts to infants through elders and a wide variety of abilities. I have served on the teaching artist roster of GCA, Fulton County Arts Council, and Young Audiences of Atlanta, and as an arts Education Consultant with GCA. I have served as Teaching Artist with the Alliance Theatre, the High Museum of Art, the Michael C. Carlos Museum, the Fox Theatre, and Young Audiences of Atlanta. I was the Director of Education for Open City CREATE, an educational theatre company, for 20 years, and the Curator of Education for the Museum of Design Atlanta for 5 years.

As an artist, I have exhibited at a Kinetic Art show in Pittsburgh and a show representing my memoir through shadow boxes. I perform solo shows in the roles of Vincent van Gogh, Leomardo da Vinci, and Alexander Calder, and in a Toy Theatre performance of The Worm of Lambton.

Teaching Experience: I have education and training in education. My M.Ed. Early Childhood Education is from Georgia State University. I am certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, a certified trainer in Better Brains for Babies, The Program for Infant Toddler Care, and Project Learning Tree. I have training in Understanding by Design and Discipline-Based Theatre Education. I was the educator of the year in 2015 with Georgia Association for Young Children and facilitator of the year in 2015 with Project Learning Tree, GA. I have been teaching as a classroom teacher (K-3) for 5 years, as a music specialist (preschool) for 8 years, as a teaching artist (K-12) for over 30 years (K-12), as a museum educator (K-12 and adult) for 5 years, and as a trainer for teacher institutes and a college instructor in ECCE for 7 years.

My teaching artist approach starts as a collaboration with the site in identifying the content they want to cover and finding ways to use theatre and art to gain experience with the content in an authentic way. With Mantle of the Expert, students will take on the role as experts and I will take on the role as protagonist to challenge and propel them into their learning by solving problems through their expertise. With this work the participants are the audience, the actors, and the writers of the drama. Visual art is used as a way of cementing the knowledge that is gained and as a representation of the messages the participants want to convey to a wider audience.
Sample Programs: A Visit with van Gogh
Performance where students meet and interview Vincent as he describes his work. For younger audiences he will be in Paris preparing to show his work at a restaurant. For older audiences they will do an intake interview as he is admitted into the Sanitarium at St. Remy. They will view the development of his particular art form through images and story.

Visual Art and Architecture Workshops
Presentations and demonstrations which include the production of items related to the subject matter. Subjects include: Calder’s Mobiles, Pop-up Books, Islamic Architecture, Classical Architecture, and Secular and Sacred Geometry.

History Comes Alive Workshops
Presents the particpants with artifacts that tell the story of history. The participants take on the role as archeaologists, historians, and museum curators to investigate a Peruvian Burial Site, an Anazasi Household, a Native Georgian archaeological site, a trunk from a western settler, or the House of the Tragic Poet in Roman Pompeii.
Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

Banneker Lesson Plan

Mississippian Residency Plan

Program Photos and Videos:

Final Model from Beltline Project

Series of Shadow Boxes

Students at Booker T Washington High

Students at Grady High

Taylor as Explorer

Story Theatre Worm of Lambton