Myrna Clayton  Myrna Clayton



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Art Disciplines:

Music, Coaching Music Performance

Core Content Curriculum Areas:

Music, ADA/Special Needs

Specialized Content Areas ADA/Special Needs, Arts Integration, World Cultures, STEAM, Character Education, Anti-bullying
Grade Levels:  

3-5, 6-8, 9-12, College/University Students, ADA/Special Needs



Special Populations: At-risk Students, Special Needs Students


Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia


Program Fees:

Solo Performances with Accompaniment Tracks start at $600
Performances with Trio start at $1,500
Performances with Jazz Orchestra start at $5,000 (plus travel and lodging)

Music-ability Workshop (for special needs students):
$45/child per day inside the perimeter
$55/child per day outside the perimeter + travel and lodging
Plus $25/hr for pianist

Youth Vocal Workshop Clinic:
$1,500 per week inside the perimeter
$2,000 per week outside the perimeter + travel and lodging
Plus $25/hr for pianist

Artistic Profile:


Myrna Clayton is a teaching performer, cultural artist, and an international performing arts entertainer based in the USA. Myrna has performed professionally for over 14 years, though she has been singing since the age of 5. She has an MBA and, prior to transitioning to singing professionally, she enjoyed a successful career in corporate marketing and as an adjunct college professor. Myrna currently teaches voice lessons privately and conducts master class vocal clinics when performing internationally. Her repertoire is wide and varied, including Jazz, Soul, Gospel, R&B, Pop, and even Blues and Country. Her musical perspective enables her to express lyrics in a smooth, jazzy, classic vocal style. Internationally, Myrna has performed throughout Russia, Belarus, Germany, Nigeria, Great Britain, and France. She enjoys learning songs indigenous to the region in which she performs and learning to pronounce the lyrics “correctly.” She is engaging to watch and a joy to listen to. Professionally, she is called “The Songbird” because of her noticeable God-given gift to sing. Myrna is a compassionate person and a natural teacher. She started a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to meet the needs of people with disabilities and underserved communities through music and art. She actively works with a group of singers with disabilities and books artists with disabilities for shows. That said, she recognizes the talents and abilities in diverse groups and seeks to encourage them into the spot light to let their lights shine brightly. Given the dynamic changes in the music industry and her astute knowledge of strategic planning, Myrna also offers workshops to artists on “the business of music.”

Teaching Experience: Myrna is academically and classically trained in flute from 6th grade at Sutton Middle School in Atlanta under ASO’s Charles Bradley, through college (Marching, Concert, and Jazz bands), and experientially trained in voice since the age of 5 by singing in choirs, groups, and ensembles. Myrna has been informally teaching for 25+ years. Professionally, she is a private voice teacher (4+ years), vocal performance coach (10 years), and has been an adjunct college professor of business (2 years). Myrna also conducts master vocal clinics when she performs internationally (for 3 years). Because of her special interest in under-served communities, Myrna also works with singers with disabilities (for 3 years) to build their vocal range, as well as their onstage confidence. With high demands for all of her students, Myrna is a compassionate teacher with the natural gift to motivate and inspire. As a Teaching Performer, she works with professionals and students to help them take their craft to the next level. She believes that the human voice is not limited and that everyone can have a beautiful, expressive voice, no matter what previous experience may have been. She believes that everyone, regardless of “perceived” ability, can train her or his voice to be flexible, powerful, and persuasive and that full vocal expression leads to deeper personal fulfillment.
Sample Programs: MUSIC-ABILITY
(for students that fit into ADA classification)
Three-day Workshop – 2* hour sessions (for ages 10+) Concepts:
- Build self-esteem/confidence and break through the fear factors
- Showcase abilities without focusing on their individual challenges
- Music appreciation
- Finale concert to showcase abilities
Minimum number students perclass: 5; Maximum number students per class: 12
NOTE: Parents (caregivers) must remain on site while workshop is underway.
* 1-2 hr sessions depending on make-up of class and students’ temperament

Vocal/Performance Workshop (for ages 10+)
Minimum number students per class: 10; Maximum number students per class: 25
Five-day Workshop – 2 hour sessions
We cover vocal basics that lead to excellent on-stage performances:
- Posture
- Phrasing
- Breathing
- Matching pitch
- Articulation
- Harmony
- Finale concert to showcase talent
If time allows, we also teach about careers in entertainment other than singing NOTE: At least 1 teacher’s aide must stay on site while workshop is underway.
Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

So You Think You Can Sing Workshop Outline
So You Think You Can Sing Workshop Course Overview and Lesson Plan
Music-Ability ADA Workshop Outline

Program Photos and Videos:

Flyer from Russian Concert Featuring Myrna
Myrna in Berlin
Myrna performing at KISS 104 Live Lounge
Myrna with Big Band Jazz Orchestra
Myrna with Elementary School Special Needs Children
Myrna with little girl from audience
Myrna with Master Class Students in Russia
Myrna with Special Needs Singer