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Phone:(404) 992-0420

Email: miclevine24@gmail.com

Website: http://www.michaellevine.net

Art Disciplines:

Music, Storytelling

Core Content Curriculum Areas:

Music, English/Language Arts

Specialized Content Areas Arts Integration, Literacy
Grade Levels:  

Pre-K, K-2, 3-5



Special Populations: At-risk Students


Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Post-Secondary/Pre-Service Learning, Professional Development for Teaching Artists


Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia


Program Fees:

One show - $400
Two shows - $500
Three shows - $600
Four shows - $700
Shows are 40-45 minutes each. For any air travel or car travel more than 2 hours, contact me directly for a quote.

One workshop - $500
Two workshops - $600
Workshops last up to 2 hours.

Artistic Profile:


"Mr. Michael" Levine is the co-founder of The Learning Groove music and movement company. He also is the music producer of the first four New York Times bestselling “Pete The Cat” books by Eric Litwin and James Dean. He regularly performs “Pete The Cat” stories and Learning Groove songs at concerts, workshops, and keynotes throughout the nation.

As a singer-songwriter, he has won many awards and has opened for such acts as Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Live, Joe Walsh, and many more. As a performer for children, he plays guitar and uses the latest technology to demonstrate how interactivity can make reading and music inspiring for kids.

Teaching Experience: Michael has a B.A. in Music from the University of Virginia and he has taught music in preschools since the year 2000. He was on the Young Audiences at Woodruff Arts Center roster from 2011 until they folded recently and took several training workshops on being a teaching artist from Young Audiences. In 2007, he and author Eric Litwin created The Learning Groove music and movement company, which includes an online teacher training curriculum, as well as over 150 songs, online teaching resources for parents and kids, videos, and much more. His educational and philosophical intention with performing to children is to inspire in them a love of music and of reading. Also, interactivity in both music and stories is such an important tool in learning. Children learn better, and kids and teachers bond more strongly when lessons are taught using interactive tools that he uses in his performances.
Sample Programs: Music InterACTION
(grades pre-K to 2nd)
Children, teachers & parents sing, dance, shake, laugh, wiggle & learn together as Mr. Michael gets silly with his guitar! Mr. Michael is the music producer of the first four NY Times bestselling Pete The Cat books, and the co-founder of The Learning Groove with author Eric Litwin. On stage he inspires children as they sing interactive songs & Pete the Cat stories together. For further educational support, every song has lyrics, videos, activities, coloring pages & more online at www.thelearninggroove.com – students, families & teachers can use these support materials for creative learning before and after the concert.

Music InterACTION
(grades 3 to 5)
Interactive music is a powerful teaching tool. It stimulates language development, teaches us about various cultures, and builds self-awareness. Michael Levine’s inspirational music and storytelling program help connect the dots for a fun learning experience. With guitar, looping technology, drums, and voice, Michael engages students in call and response, creative movement, songwriting, and singing songs from many cultures. These interactive techniques can be used by teachers in the classroom to stimulate children’s engagement in the learning process.

Teacher Professional Development Workshop
Interactive Literacy & Music As An Educational Tool
In this fun and pragmatic workshop, Mr. Michael uses the “Pete the Cat” and “The Learning Groove” songs to demonstrate how interactive techniques such as repetition, prediction, call and response, rhyme, and movement inspire and stimulate students’ learning skills. He will also show how interactive music serves as a springboard for reading, writing, and other language activities throughout your curriculum.
Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

Professional Development Workshop Outline

Musical InterACTION Outline PreK-3

Musical InterACTION Outline 3-5

Program Photos and Videos:

Michael Levine Jumping

Michael Levine on Stage

Pete The Cat

The Learning Groove

Michael Levine - Interactive Music & Literacy - Video