Lydia Bolen  Lydia Bolen


Phone:(678) 549-1040


Art Disciplines:

Theatre/Drama, Digital Filmmaking

Core Content Curriculum Areas:

Technology, Theatre/Drama, Filmmaking

Specialized Content Areas STEAM, Literacy
Grade Levels:  

3-5, 6-8, 9-12



Special Populations: At-risk Students


Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Professional Development for Teaching Artists


Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, South Georgia


Program Fees:

Classes of up to 35 students - $55 per class with a minimum of 3 classes; one assembly of up to 250 students - $350 (additional travel expenses for performances outside of metro Atlanta)

Classes up to 35 students - $55 per class, minimum of three classes (travel expenses and small supplies fee are additional)

Two 2 classes for the week, minimum $1,000 (travel expenses and small supplies fee are additional)

Artistic Profile:


Lydia Bolen is a teaching artist in the art of digital filmmaking. She is also a filmmaker, actor, and producer. Lydia holds a BA in Film and Video from Georgia State University. She has worked on numerous productions, including independent films and theatre, as well as movies and series for national television. Lydia's approach as an artist is to let the participants learn by doing. She creates an atmosphere of creative safety where the goal is to try something new and, whether there is success or temporary failure, there is learning.

Teaching Experience: Lydia has been partnering with teachers, students, and administrators while enabling the learning process in schools and churches for over 15 years. She presents at education forums, including STEAM presentations on digital media, and is currently developing and producing a new web series. Lydia has been on the roster at Arts for Learning-Woodruff Arts Center and also leads summer camps in digital filmmaking. Her mission is to teach young people the basics of the art of filmmaking.
Sample Programs: Digital Media & STEAM
A multimedia presentation on how technology and art come together in digital media and the education and work opportunities available in this field in Georgia.

Caught on Video!
A digital filmmaking residency in which the participants create a short film, usually in the span of a week. This can be done in a different length of time depending on the availability of the students.

Script Detective
A workshop where the participants close read a script and then change the tone of the scene by altering punctuation, grammar, syntax, and word choice.

Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

Caught on Video Classroom Guide

Script Detective Classroom Guide

Program Photos and Videos:

Caught on Video Filmmaking Residencies 1

Caught on Video Filmmaking Residencies 2

Caught on Video Filmmaking Residencies 3

Caught on Video Filmmaking Residencies 4

Caught on Video Filmmaking Residencies 5

Caught on Video Filmmaking Residencies 6

Digital Media and STEAM Presentation