Gregor Turk  Gregor Turk



Phone: (404) 217-8668



Art Disciplines:

Visual Art

Core Content Curriculum Areas:

Visual Art, Social Studies/History

Specialized Content Areas:           Arts Integration, World Cultures
Grade Levels:  

3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Special Populations: Special Needs Students


Pre-Service Learning and Professional Development: Professional Development for K-12 Teachers


Geographic Availability: Metro Atlanta, North Georgia


Program Fees:

2 classes per day for $300, 3 classes per day for $400, 4 classes per day for $500 plus travel costs; minimal materials are needed (paper and colored pencils)

2 classes per day for $300, 3 classes per day for $400, 4 classes per day for $500 plus travel costs; discount for 2 week or longer residencies, materials are contingent on project scope

Artistic Profile:


Known for his public art installations, sculpture, photography, and mixed-media constructions, Gregor Turk often incorporates mapping imagery and cultural markings into his artwork. Through a variety of media, he focuses on the fundamental qualities of mapping: the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, and ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality. He has permanent public art installations in the Atlanta and Jacksonville airports, as well as in a city park, public library, and fire station. He has created numerous temporary public art installations including five for the Atlanta BeltLine. His work is included in the collection of JPMorgan Chase, High Museum, MOCA – GA, and numerous other public and private institutions. Turk received his B.A. from Rhodes College and his M.F.A. from Boston University. Between degrees he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia.

Teaching Experience: In addition to his studio practice, Gregor has been involved in the visual arts, and specifically public art in Atlanta, in a variety of capacities: educator, administrator, advocate, panelist, and policy advisor. Since 1989, he has conducted numerous workshops and residencies, locally and regionally, as a teaching artist through GCA’s Arts-in-Education program, with Young Audiences, and subsequently Arts for Learning. Additional residencies and workshops have been conducted through museums (High Museum, Carlos Museum, and Children's Museum of Atlanta), Youth Art Connection (Boys and Girls Clubs), and many direct contracts with private and public schools. He has also conducted teaching residencies through various cultural institutions in Minnesota, Delaware, Manitoba, and Alberta. Currently he is an adjunct faculty member in the sculpture department at Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta Campus (SCAD - Atlanta).

His teaching philosophy is one of providing students with the knowledge and skills to understand a given subject matter while challenging them to apply their knowledge through critical thinking. In regards to social studies-related art projects, he focuses on developing students' recognition, interpretation, and evaluation of various maps by investigating their uses, themes, perspectives, agendas, symbols, and colors. Regarding arts education, students take part in art making exercises and projects that specifically address design elements and design principles. Flexibility in the project design to suit program goals and students’ learning styles is critical in implementing the residency/workshop.

Sample Programs: Mapping Workshop and Residency Grades 3 – 12, but typically grades 3 -7. Class size can range from 10 - 25. Flexibility exists for the facility – a dedicated art room is always prefered, but not a requirement. Fees depend on the number of class sessions per day, but there is a baseline of $500 for 4 classes/day. Each workshop is unique in that the area of geographic focus differs according to the recommendation of the social studies teacher made in advance. Typically, I start with a PowerPoint presentation introducing my artwork, maps, and the upcoming project, followed by a series of drawing exercises that address basic mapping skills: perspective, symbol-making, color use, and scale. Residencies go on from there, through a series of process-based, hands-on, and collaborative map-making sessions, usually resulting in a permanent or semi-permanent sculptural map.

List of Georgia Performance Standards Aligned with Programs:

Geographic Understandings
SS5G1 The student will locate important places in the United States.
Map Skills -All 12 skills listed- especially comparative skills
Informational Processing Skills- Many are also integrated into lessons.

Visual Arts
VA5MC.1 Engages in the creative process to generate and visualize ideas.
VA5MC.2 Formulates personal responses to visual imagery.
VA5MC.3 Selects and uses subject matter, symbols, and/or ideas to communicate meaning.
VA5PR.2 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes of 2-D art

For Residencies, add the following:
SS5G2 The student will explain the reasons for the spatial patterns of economic activities.
VA5PR.1 Creates artworks based on personal experience and selected themes.
VA5PR.3 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes of 30-D art VA5AR.3 Explains how selected principles of design are
VA5C.1 Applies information and processes from other disciplines to enhance the understanding and production of artworks.
VA5C.2 Develops life skills through the study and production of art.

Atlanta Public Art Walking Tours
Artist Gregor Turk leads tours featuring some of Atlanta’s most significant public artworks. Tours can be either walking (up to 30 participants) or driving (accommodating the given number of passengers on a bus) and flexible in terms of length and focus. The recommended tour is a 90-minute walking tour in Midtown. Other areas of focus can include downtown and Auburn Ave. Turk’s unique and knowledgeable insight as a tour guide is based on his long-term involvement in the city’s public art through a variety of capacities: artist, administrator, educator, grass-roots advocate, panelist, and policy advisor.
Sample Lesson Plans/Study Guides:

Gregor Turk Lesson Plans

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Mapping Workshop (1)

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